Portfolio 1.1

At the tail end of January this year I finally launched this website as my portfolio. The original launch was a personal milestone, not only because I’d had this domain for 4 years prior to putting anything worthwhile online, but mostly because I learnt a lot.

Proudly Powered

I recently wrote about how I was replacing WordPress when it came to my personal projects, depending on the project. I also last month made the switch from WordPress to Symphony CMS, while rebuilding my portfolio. I have tonight launched my latest ‘project’, Proudly Powered, another WordPress resource for writers and developers.

Symphony CMS nginx rewrite rules

If you’re looking to use Symphony CMS on your nginx powered web server then the default Apache .htaccess rewrites will need to translated to nginx’s syntax. I recently wrote about Symphony CMS and have since had a few people asking about the specific nginx rewrite rules I use, so I thought I’d share them here.

Symphony CMS

Following up on the new tools and techniques I’ve picked up recently while putting my portfolio and blog live such as moving my hosting to Linode VPS and exploring alternative CMS systems, I’d like to introduce Symphony CMS.