Lorem Pixum

Lorem Pixum is to images, as Lorem Ipsum is to copy. Where you would use lorem ipsum text as a filler to act as copy in a document or website, Lorem Pixum allows you to easily generate placeholder images for your design work.

The beauty of this useful tool is its simplicity. You’re presented with a couple of slider bars, representing X and Y dimensions, image categories, and coloured or grayscale image options.

Lorem Pixum interface

Select your options, hit the colour button and you’re instantly served an image you can copy straight into your design.

This works great for Photoshop, but what if you’re already into the coding side of things? There’s no need to go copy/pasting your placeholder images to your website’s directory, you can hotlink straight to the files.

<!-- to get a random picture of 400 x 200 pixels-->

<!-- to get a random gray picture of 400 x 200 pixels-->

<!-- to get a random picture of the sports category-->

<!-- to get picture no. 1/10 from the sports category-->

Overall, Lorem Pixum is great tool for speeding up your design process. There’s no need to worry about creating the perfect image as you lay out your design, even right into the development stages of a project if you’re still waiting on images from your client.

Give it a go

Try the tool now at http://lorempixum.com/.

By Mark Hesketh

I'm a PHP Developer based in UK, building modern PHP web applications and writing about everything I learn.