Portfolio 1.1

At the tail end of January this year I finally launched this website as my portfolio. The original launch was a personal milestone, not only because I’d had this domain for 4 years prior to putting anything worthwhile online, but mostly because I learnt a lot.

Proudly Powered

I recently wrote about how I was replacing WordPress when it came to my personal projects, depending on the project. I also last month made the switch from WordPress to Symphony CMS, while rebuilding my portfolio. I have tonight launched my latest ‘project’, Proudly Powered, another WordPress resource for writers and developers.

Prestashop Starter Theme / Boilerplate

I do a lot of work using both PrestaShop and WordPress and a big difference I find between the two is support for developers. As it stands, Prestashop Theme developers have to hack away at the default theme each time they begin a new project. In contrast WordPress Theme developers have a choice of several starter […]


I have used Prestashop as my e-commerce platform of choice for around 2 years now, and over this time I’ve created several complete stores, a number of custom modules and core changes all while tearing my hair out because of a lack of documentation.

Blog redesign

I finally kicked myself into gear back in March when I put something online, which I’d been putting off for some time with excuses such as ‘I’m too busy’, ‘The design isn’t finished yet’.. the usual stuff. It took Matt Mullenweg’s 1.0 is the Loneliest Number post to make me realise the layout doesn’t need […]