Blog redesign

I finally kicked myself into gear back in March when I put something online, which I’d been putting off for some time with excuses such as ‘I’m too busy’, ‘The design isn’t finished yet’.. the usual stuff. It took Matt Mullenweg’s 1.0 is the Loneliest Number post to make me realise the layout doesn’t need to be perfect, just get it shipped. Something is better than nothing etc.

So I did. I put up the design that I’d been working on over multiple revisions created months apart when I had spare time.

A couple of months have gone by and I’ve had time to sit down and revisit the design. I’d like to think I’ve improved it.

Original blog layout desigjn
Blog design from March 2011
New blog design example
The ‘new and improved’ Blog design from June 2011

I prefer the newer design. I kept getting feeling the previous one with its grey gradient background made it looked smudged, or even dirty.

‘Clean’ is a word that’s often easily thrown around but the newer design is much cleaner. I also think the various spacing is much more defined, things generally seem more solid.

As I say I hope to have the full portfolio side of this domain online come the end of the month, intending on blogging about my various projects on this site, and leaving Prestashop related posts to PrestaNotes and the upcoming PrestaDB.

By Mark Hesketh

I'm a PHP Developer based in UK, building modern PHP web applications and writing about everything I learn.